Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life of a Filmmaker – Inspired by Idiocy

A few days ago my friends and I stumbled upon the subject of R.L.S.; Restless Leg 'Syndrome'. We got into a debate over the validity of classifying the symptoms of inactivity as a bona fide MEDICAL CONDITION; and the resulting medications available. I felt dumber just having entertained the conversation; but my adamant friends outnumbered me, so I partook in the pointless argument.

As a blogger, I write about the ridiculousness of life. As a film student, I shoot it.

Now having another film due in a few weeks, I have a topic for a short: MY idea of something that can be classified as Restless Leg SYNDROME, and support the manufacturing of medications for it.

Inspiration is presented in many forms. Sometimes we just have to entertain the ridiculousness of life to find it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It tastes like burning...

It has been some time since my last post. I conquered the stress after all. Now, my state is on fire.

I am surrounded by infernos. I'm not too worried about my location, but then again neither were a lot of recent victims.

It's weird; I watch the news and think, "Wow. I feel so bad for them" then I go to school with bits of ash raining down, a dark sheen over the campus, and the strong smell of 'campfire,' but I don't really feel threatened. I am no more than 30-45(with traffic) minutes away from a blazing fire in either direction, but I still have a feeling of relative safety; or perhaps disconnection.

Strangely, I know people affected by fires up North as well as fires in Irvine and San Diego (friends and family), but I'm still not too worried. Maybe it's the mild attitude of my affected friends that keeps me calm; "Yup, my family was evacuated and my house is probably going to burn down..." (my friend from Lake Arrowhead).

I heard a mention of a "Super Fire," where neighboring infernos combine; that's a scary thought. If all of the fires conjoined, it would engulf all of California. Additionally, some authority stated that the fires will only stop when either the winds stop, or it burns to the beach.

It's starting to be compared to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Bush is going to visit the fire Thursday. I'm sure he'll give us some fantastic advice; "My job is a decision-making job, and as a result, I make a lot of decisions." - George W. Bush

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life of a Filmmaker

It's kind of "funny" that as soon as I wrote about posting consistency, I disappeared for a week. Well, life as a college undergrad isn't exactly a walk in the park. For the first time this semester, stress is beginning to set in.

I have an ambitious film to shoot with only a week left and preproduction barely halfway completed. The woes of wrangling equipment, talent, and locations are starting to chip away at me.

The Cost of an under-budgeted, understaffed, ambitious short film:
1. Sacrificed storyline - the story will eventually take quite a few slashes.
2. My Grades - For this week, my attention and time will be monopolized by this short. I will undoubtedly be 'slacking' in my other classes in order to start and finish this project.
3. Social Life - Neglecting relationships. 'Tis the life of a filmmaker, I guess.
4. My sanity.

Shooting was supposed to start this weekend...

Stress Reliever: "Bangor Mash" by Devil Makes Three

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Define your Blogging Style

Blogging and research on blogging has monopolized my time online!

In today's quest for knowledge, I found some good tips regarding posting frequency; How often should bloggers post? "Musers VS Reporters"

Musers wait for inspiration to strike, and don't force a daily post. Reporters post on current events, thus making it imperative to be up-to-date and post daily.

The consensus seems to be stay true to your blogging style. Don't be a Reporter when you're a Muser. However, there is an element of importance in consistency. It's important not to overwhelm your readers by over posting one day, then not posting for a week.

My style, if I even have one yet, tends toward Muser.

What style works for you? Comments?

The full Article at ProBlogger: Finding Your Blogging DNA.

Tagging up your Blog

In my pursuit of blogging information, I came across the subject of tags.

I have recently revamped the tags on all of my blogs; making them more concise. I am still not sure if I should limit the amount of tags I affix to each blog in order to attract specific readers, or if I should tag a blog with as many subjects to which it may relate in order to attract a larger quantity of readers.

My current experiment with tags follows the former. I am blogging under just a few different tags in hopes of reaching more directed/specific traffic. This will hopefully provide a means through which I can track popular topics in my drive to find 'what works' in blogging.

Bloggers, what's working for you? How much do tags affect traffic quantity? Does it play a large role in returning visits?

I appreciate questions, comments and suggestions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthdays Forced to go Digital

"May you live all the days of your life."
- Jonathan Swift
My birthdays have gone digital (today's my 22nd). To receive accolades I check my inbox or I log on AIM. It's a virtual 'Online Party!' Some how, it's not the same. It lacks warmth.

Birthdays used to be exciting, I would countdown three months in advance. There was always something to look forward to; the dining room table stacked with presents I couldn't open until after school. The fantastic dinner, friends, family!

Now, I live on my own. I receive text and voice-messages, emails, and online birthday cards. My parents both live in differing cities, one of my siblings is halfway across the country, and all of my friends are in class or different cities/states. If they were all available to celebrate my birthday ON my birthday, I'd probably have to decline... 18 units, Homework.

I am forced to take my birthdays Digital.

My birthday plans:
1. Class
2. Homework Blog
3. Class

Monday, September 24, 2007

Writing on a Passion

Every author that writes on the subject of blogging says the same thing; "Write what you know..." Which is similar to my Mom's saying, "Do what you love, and the money will follow..." This was especially hard for me. I have diverse interests, but I couldn't imagine myself writing on any one in particular daily. Determined, I set out everyday with a pencil, paper, and an open mind.

While driving to class, I would think about what bothers me, what interests me, and anything that's not constant; something that goes through changes. I finally found something I like.

As of today, I have officially begun my specific blog: Life via Taste. I absolutely LOVE food, cooking, and eating. I hope to find others out there with the same passion.

Friday, September 21, 2007

'F' Myspace!

I have to admit, I am a Myspace user. A claim I am more apt to type than verbalize out loud. has gone to the dogs. Today, in 2 hours and 47 minutes, I've received 18 add requests. No, not friends, just adds... Spam. Lets make it 19; I've just received one more. If I had some 'high school' urge to FEEL popular, I just might add all of these false profiles, like some do. It wouldn't be so bad, but it fills up my inbox with 'blah blah would like to be added as one of your friends..." What more can I possibly do than 'Mark as Spam,' I just have to endure the annoyance, and hope that good will triumph!

And one more, why not make it an even 20...
And... One more...