Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life of a Filmmaker – Inspired by Idiocy

A few days ago my friends and I stumbled upon the subject of R.L.S.; Restless Leg 'Syndrome'. We got into a debate over the validity of classifying the symptoms of inactivity as a bona fide MEDICAL CONDITION; and the resulting medications available. I felt dumber just having entertained the conversation; but my adamant friends outnumbered me, so I partook in the pointless argument.

As a blogger, I write about the ridiculousness of life. As a film student, I shoot it.

Now having another film due in a few weeks, I have a topic for a short: MY idea of something that can be classified as Restless Leg SYNDROME, and support the manufacturing of medications for it.

Inspiration is presented in many forms. Sometimes we just have to entertain the ridiculousness of life to find it.

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