Saturday, September 08, 2007

Did you know, there are no bells in College?

In high school there were bells. We walked around campus like Pavlov's Dog - what was that dog's name anyway? No matter how independent I thought I was, the bells told me what to do; where to go, and when to eat. We even had different bells for Bomb scares and intruders. When the bomb bell rang, the school was corralled in the pen-like football stadium; for "safe" keeping. The intruder drill was easy to remember. It was the same response to an earthquake and an Atom Bomb (circa 1950s & 1960s); duck-and-cover. Despite the risk of "zombie-ism," the bells were comforting. It was effortless. It was easy.

They said college would be Great!. You get to pick your own classes, meet new people, and decide what you want to study... I have to pick my own classes? I have to manage my own schedule? NEW people? What about my friends?... Thrust onto a foreign compound, stripped of friends, and told to "make Mom and Dad proud..."

A dog will learn to swim when thrown into the ocean. Swimming is the least of its worries... Did you know there are no bells in College?

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