Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tagging up your Blog

In my pursuit of blogging information, I came across the subject of tags.

I have recently revamped the tags on all of my blogs; making them more concise. I am still not sure if I should limit the amount of tags I affix to each blog in order to attract specific readers, or if I should tag a blog with as many subjects to which it may relate in order to attract a larger quantity of readers.

My current experiment with tags follows the former. I am blogging under just a few different tags in hopes of reaching more directed/specific traffic. This will hopefully provide a means through which I can track popular topics in my drive to find 'what works' in blogging.

Bloggers, what's working for you? How much do tags affect traffic quantity? Does it play a large role in returning visits?

I appreciate questions, comments and suggestions.


Chris Osborne said...

It sounds like you mean categories, which are different from tags.

Mat Calica said...

Chris- In essence, should I be tagging my posts with as many different tags as I can, then make categories? If I understand correctly, tags are used by search engines to find my posts, and categories are used by my readers to navigate my site?

Chris Osborne said...

Categories should be constant and fairly broad. Everything you write needs to be able to fit into them.

Tags are used more to relate posts than anything else. They're smaller details that shouldn't get their own category.

I'll relate it to my own blog.

I have categories for the type of show, featured artists, and news. If I had tags, I would use them for the artists played in each show. These artists wouldn't get their own category, but the tags are an easy way to see posts that relate to each other.