Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Licorice Pizza

Today, I stumbled upon a blog; Licorice Pizza. It was in the "Blogs of Note" section. I clicked on it for a few reasons: it was an 'original' name, it sounded funny, but most of all it was familiar. Yet, I couldn't place it until I went to his page. It was the name of a small pizza shop a few blocks away from my old neighborhood; Redondo Beach! The author, Aikin (from Miami, Florida), knew it only as a slang for vinyl and a good picture. Finding this picture gave me a surge of nostalgia, and made me feel really good.

I've always found it interesting how we respond to seeing something/someone we are emotionally invested in reach some level of... fame?. Maybe, in some sense, it's a feeling that a piece of 'you' has become famous. I hope I was able to bring a bit of backstory to the picture that has served as a mascot for a year of his blogging. Thank you Aikin

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aikin said...

I just saw this entry after following some links from my blog (sort of working backward, I suppose). Thanks for the mention and the linkage and I'm glad I could invoke some memories for you.

I'm actually from California originally and used to shop at the old Licorice Pizza record stores when I was a kid. As far as the cafe, I didn't know anything about that until I found the picture. I keep hoping someone will tell me it still exists and send me a current picture.